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What Are Pants And Trousers?

Trousers pants womens

The question is “Are pants and trousers the same thing?” Okay, so, you’ve been looking at jeans and thought they might be called trousers. You might know that trousers are usually in skirts while jeans are worn by both men and women.

Jeans are just short-sleeved pants usually worn by men but, you’ll find that many of the brands today, make skirts as well as shorts. This means that most clothing labels are now designing and selling both types of pants, shorts and pants.

Pants aren’t all the same though. So how do you tell one from the other? There are many differences, depending on the type of pants you’re wearing.

  1. Cotton-Poly Blend: There are a few different kinds of blends that you can get from various pants companies. Cotton and poly blends are usually more expensive. Cotton-poly blends give a more comfortable and smooth feel. They tend to have a flat, smooth texture on the leg.
  2. Denim: Jeans are often made of a rough fabric that has a slightly looser look to it. They tend to have a sort of stiffer, denim-like feel. Another difference between the two is that trousers tend to be worn by women while jeans are worn by men.
  3. Organic: These are designed without using any chemicals in processing. They don’t require washing after a certain number of washes, unlike regular blends. Since these are made with natural fibers, they tend to have a more delicate and soft feel.
  4. Animal-Fiber: These are made with naturally colored or dyed fabrics, which aren’t produced by pesticides or chemicals. Because of this, they do tend to have a looser feel to them. They can be soft and comfortable, but they have a slightly smoother texture than other blends.
  5. Halter: These are made with a straight or close fit. You will normally find this type of pants to be cut shorter at the top than the bottom. Most of these, though, come in straight fits, with most of them coming in the true size.
  6. Sheepskin: These are much like jeans, except for the fact that they are made with a sheepskin or goatskin type of fabric. These pants come in a wide variety of cuts and styles. You can find them in selvedge cuts, top stitched ones, and hipster cuts.

Examples of such pants that might be in this category include H&M’s Men’s Designer Jeans, Banana Republic’s Chambray Flats, and even some ones from Ralph Lauren. Each of these are sold under their own label or brand. For that reason, you won’t find them in department stores, unless they were manufactured by the same company.

That’s why it’s very important to purchase a pair of pants or shorts that you like. By doing so, you’ll get yourself a pair of pants that will fit you perfectly.

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